Experience The Beatles With Rain - Season Special

The Music You Love. The Times You Remember. The Show That Takes You Back.


Rain is much more of a concert event than a play with music, so there is no real plot. Instead, the show lets history speak for itself. Rain follows the career of The Beatles from the British invasion and their landmark performances on The Ed Sullivan Show and at Shea Stadium through their final albums Abbey Road and Let it Be. The mood is set with original film footage and TV commercials from the 1960s, and over the course of show, the musicians who play John, Paul, George and Ringo evolve with their music, going from mop tops to bell bottoms and peace signs.

Should I See It?

What is Rain Like? 
Because Rain is such a concert-like experience, it’s a much more laid back atmosphere than a traditional Broadway show. The audience is invited to dance and clap along, and if you’re up for a good sing-a-long, this is a show after your heart.

Is Rain Good For Kids?
Rain is great for music fans of all ages. Though there are plenty of hippie ideas, they are stripped of sex and drugs references, leaving only rock ‘n’ roll. Kids will enjoy the chance to sing and dance along, so if you’re a Beatles fan you can enjoy the show, whether you’re old enough to remember them at Shea Stadium or young enough not to know what Shea Stadium was.

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