Portland Group FAQs

How many people constitute a group?

Most shows require a minimum purchase of 10 tickets to qualify for group sales.  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and WICKED both require a group minimum of 15 tickets.

Are there Discounts available for Groups?

Yes! Groups enjoy discount tickets to most performances. Discounts vary by performance and generally range between 10-25% off single ticket prices. 

Do I save any fees by booking a group?

Definitely!  One of the great benefits of group sales is a significant savings in service charges. While there is still a small facility & group service charge per ticket, you’ll add to your overall savings by booking a group.

Are there Student or Senior rates available to the show?  What about large groups?

Many performances do offer a special rate to student and senior groups, and also for groups of more than 40 tickets. Please contact our Group Sales Manager to see if your group qualifies for additional savings!

Do you offer assistance for people with disabilities?

Sure!  We can guide you toward performances that feature ASL signing or Open Captioning, and help you reserve accessible seating and/or audio devices.

What if the show is cancelled?

If a show is cancelled due to unforeseen events, your group will be given the option of switching performances to attend a different night or you may have a full refund issued to you.

Do we need to wait until tickets go on sale to the public or can we book our seats now?

No need to wait - group tickets are now available for all upcoming Broadway shows! Make your reservation today and get access before tickets go on sale to the general public.

Is the show appropriate for children?

Each of our productions is unique and the age appropriateness varies by production. Please see the individual show pages for recommendations or contact our Group Sales Manager to discuss the show content.

Do we need to pay for our tickets right away or can we be invoiced?

Group clients may reserve their tickets in advance and will be invoiced for their seats to allow you time to collect funds from your group members. Our group sales manager can give you more details on the payment options upon reservation.

What if I reserved 35 tickets but only need 32?  Or what if I reserved 35 tickets and really need 40?

Not a problem! You are welcome to adjust your ticket reservation your group headcount changes, until the agreed upon final payment date.  If you need more tickets than reserved, contact us as soon as possible and we will add additional seats to the order. We’ll do our best to get them as close as possible to the rest of your group, but sometimes availability prevents us from doing so.

Does my group all have to sit together?

Nope!  As long as you have met the group minimum of tickets, your group members are welcome to select different price levels/seating areas.

Where is the Broadway Group Sales office located?

The office is located across the river from Keller Auditorium, in The Hampton Opera Center at 211 SE Caruthers Street.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am - 5pm PST.  We kindly request you schedule an appointment in advance if you’d like to meet with our Group Sales Manager.

I’ve lost my tickets. What can I do?

Not to worry!  We ask all Group leaders to submit a list of seat assignments for this very reason.  If you have lost your seats or they have been stolen, we can reprint them and leave them for you at will call the night of the show. The old tickets will be voided out to ensure no one else uses your ticket to see the show.

How long is the show?

Run times vary per performance. Generally shows run about 2hr and 30min including intermission. Please see the individual show page for exact run times.

How do I get THOSE seats?

While we would all love to have seats in the first few rows, it isn’t always possible due to our thousands of season ticket holders. Rest assured though, that your seats will be the very best available at the time of reservation.

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