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My Space - Sister Act - tour - Florrie Bagel - wide - 11/12

My Space: Sister Act’s Sunny Nun Florrie Bagel Creates a Fragrant, Zen-like Backstage Convent

January 5th, 2013 | By Jesse North

As Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act, Florrie Bagel’s character would probably have strict guidelines in decorating her personal space at the convent. But in her dressing room on the show's national tour, the actress makes herself at home with citrusy fragrances, a yoga mat and hilarious castmates. Check out Bagel’s tour of her backstage must-haves!

“I like to surround myself with uplifting quotes, usually on cards, colorful books or little scribblings. It's nice to have inspiring words around me.”

“This LUSH fragrance is lemongrass, patchouli and sweet orange, and it makes me so happy to put a little dab on. The solid perfume stick is really subtle, which is good because I don't want to flaunt my fragrance in the convent.”

“I got this amazing Aladdin tea infuser tumbler, and I take it everywhere now. Backstage, I make sure to take a big ol' sip in between ‘Raise Your Voice’ and ‘Take Me to Heaven.’”

“I love yoga, so my Jade yoga mat is essential. Yoga centers me and connects me to my breath. It also helps to combat the stiff shoulders and 'nun-neck' from wearing the habits and veils.”

“Lael Van Keuren and Diane Findlay, who play Sisters Mary Robert and Mary Lazarus, respectively, are most certainly dressing room 'must haves.' They are lovely, kind-hearted, funny ladies who are always full of support, sweetness and a good laugh. I sure am lucky to share a dressing room with these two. There’s never a dull moment.”

See Florrie Bagel in Sister Act at the Boston Opera House from January 22 through Febaruary 3.


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