Anything Goes - National Tour

This Cole Porter classic arrives in a city near you!

Edward Staudenmayer (and His Dog) Share Their Lessons for Life on the Road with Anything Goes

By sea or by land, Edward Staudenmayer is having quite an adventure in the national tour of Anything Goes. Accompanied by his Shetland Sheepdog Mac, Staudenmayer cruises between tour stops listening to showtunes and searching for the best hiking trails. The actor, who plays the aristocratic Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, clued us in on his (and Mac’s) best travel tips for life on the road. Check them out below!

My favorite roadside stop is:
My dog Mac loves to check out fabulous dog parks across the country and he’s seen some of the best. We may write a book when the tour ends. I go crazy for barbeque or any southern cooking, so I was in luck when we toured a bunch of southern cities with great restaurants. 

My favorite way to pass time while traveling is:
While we drive from city to city, I love to listen to SiriusXM Radio’s Broadway channel. One of my best friends, actress Christine Pedi, is a DJ for the station; when I listen to her, I don't feel so homesick. Mac and I also love signing along to all the showtunes.

When arriving in a new city, the most important thing to do is:
Make sure Mac gets situated. We find the closest dog parks and hiking trails. I also try to send Mac to doggy daycare on matinee days. He's had a great time at some of the friendliest doggy daycare facilities in the country. Again, we need to write this book!

My method of staying fit while traveling is:
Hiking and jogging. Mac and I had the best time in Los Angeles living by Runyon Canyon Park. Other great places we’ve loved on tour were Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, the open fields in East Lansing and the great dog beaches along the Gulf of Mexico in Naples and Tampa.

The best travel lesson I ever learned was:
In Nashville, I decided to venture away from the cast and secure my own housing. Well, I didn't do my homework well and when I arrived, I quickly decided there was no way Mac and I would be staying at this undesirable locale. I ended up having to pay a large sum of money to find a suitable place. I should have stuck with the hotel that our fabulous company manager Denny Daniello secured for us. He is the best in the business and he his assistant, Jose Solivan, do a great job taking care of us. Since Nashville, Mac and I always stay with the company, unless I have friends or family in town.

See Staudenmayer when Anything Goes docks at Keller Auditorium from October 2 through 6.

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