Million Dollar Quartet - National Tour

A thrilling new musical that brings the story of four rock 'n' roll icons to life.

My Space: Martin Kaye Protects His Million Dollar Quartet Fingers and Keeps His Fiancée on Speed Dial

As piano legend Jerry Lee Lewis in the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet, Martin Kaye does serious duty on the keyboard, performing the musician’s iconic numbers “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” When he isn’t tickling the ivories, Kaye gives his fingers a deserved rest backstage. Here, the actor/musician shows off his favorite dressing room items. Take a look!

"Touring really does take you away from your family for a long time and my nieces are growing rapidly. It's hard to be away, especially when they're a few thousand miles over the Atlantic. It's nice to be able to look at recent pictures of them every day."

"Playing Jerry Lee Lewis takes a lot of energy and produces a lot of sweat! So if I'm going to sweat, it's vital that I have something to make me smell good. Trust me, I'm sure my castmates appreciate it."

"I seriously have to play the crap out of that piano, so my fingers take a heck of a beating. A little finger tape and a touch of nail glue go a long way."

"When I'm getting ready, I love to listen to whatever music I'm in the mood for at that particular moment. It’s safe to say there's a lot of Beatles and Jamie Cullum on that playlist."

"It's become a tradition now for me to call my fiancée right before I go on stage, just to tell her I love her and hear her voice. It always gives me a little extra motivation."

Photos: Rosie Cohe

See Marin Kaye and the rest of the band while Million Dollar Quartet plays Portland’s Keller Auditorium from May 22 through May 27.

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