Disney's Beauty and the Beast - National Tour

Disney's smash-hit Broadway musical is coming to you!

Beauty and the Beast Tour Star Dane Agostinis Revels Singing ‘Amazing’ Solo

As a selfish prince under a transformation spell that only love can break, Dane Agostinis gets to dig deep into the starring role of the Beast in the national tour of Beauty and the Beast, which stops at Portland's Keller Auditorium February 14 through February 19. Agostinis recently talked to Broadway.com about his favorite moment in the show to perform: his solo “If I Can’t Love Her.”

“I feel like that song goes through everything,” Agostinis said. “Leading up to the song when the Beast catches Belle in the West Wing, it seriously seems like he’s going to rip her head off. But he doesn’t mean to hurt her. He feels hopeless and helpless.” Aside from the range of emotion Agostinis displays in the number, what inspires him is having free range of the stage. “I run up onto this big set. I’m right there in the middle of this huge stage all by myself, bellowing out this amazing song,” Agostinis said. “I’m a baritone base and [the notes are] kind of up there. It’s such a great acting song that I lose myself doing it and I don’t even have to think about the notes.”

In addition to Agostinis, Beauty and the Beast stars Emily Behny as Belle, Logan Denninghoff as Gaston, Julie Louise Hosack as Mrs. Potts, Michael Haller as Lumiere and James May as Cogsworth.

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