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Million Dollar Quartet Tour Star Martin Kaye Has a Bone to Pick with American Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the most theatrical holiday, so it makes perfect sense that Broadway actors—who know a thing or two about rocking a costume—would embrace the spooky season. We asked your favorite stage stars to share their memories of yummy treats, silly tricks and the best and worst costumes they ever wore. Read on for inspiration, and Happy Halloween!

MARTIN KAYE (Jerry Lee Lewis in the Million Dollar Quartet national tour)

What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time, and how old were you when you wore it?
I would have to say my zombie; I make a very good zombie. All I used was a torn up t-shirt and some strategically placed lipstick and eye shadow (pictured above). I haven't always dressed up for Halloween, but that year was a good costume!

What’s the worst “treat” you were ever given on Halloween?

When you go trick-or-treating, you expect a certain level of treating. I remember one year, our expectations were severely unmet. Why oh why would people give kids dried fruit? This is not going to educate me that I should eat fruit. This is going to make me want to throw eggs at your house.

What do you love most about Halloween?
Since being in the States, I've noticed something quite different in the way that Americans dress up for Halloween, compared to us Brits. Apparently, here in America, it's an excuse to go out and dress up in any costume you like, such as a bee, or a French maid. However, in the UK, Halloween is a scary night. We dress up as ghouls and ghosts and zombies, not bunnies or superheroes. Although, I have seen some people here in the States that definitely did scare the living daylights out of me—nothing to do with their costumes though!

Keep checking back for more Halloween memories from your favorite stars.

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